Monday, May 17, 2021
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DCIPS Archive

CIPMS – General Information (1986 - 2007)
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DCIPS – General Information (1996 – 2009)
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DCIPS - Conversion to Pay Bands (2007-2009: conversion took place on 19 Jul 09)
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DCIPS Interim (28 Oct 09 – 31 Dec 10 – extended to Transition (25 Mar 12)) Briefings Implementation Plans
AIF / RIF (DCIPS Interim) Acquisition (DCIPS Interim) Awards and Recognition (DCIPS Interim) Compensation (DCIPS Interim)
Employment and Placement (DCIPS Interim)
Occupational Structure (DCIPS Interim)
Performance-Based Bonuses (DCIPS Interim) Performance Management (DCIPS Interim)
Professional Development (DCIPS Interim)
Program Evaluation (DCIPS Interim)
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DCIPS – General Information (25 Mar 12 – Present)
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